Name     :Nia Ivanova Pushkarova

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1985-1989 Trojan Collage of Arts, specialising ceramics

1991-1995 Reading University, U.K., BA in Fine Arts
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Teaching qualification in Fine Arts and Ceramics

BA  in Fine Arts, MFA




1988- "10*10*10",Exhibition organised by Art in Action

1994- "Art in Reading"-installation with slides and paintings

1994- "A Trace of Touch"-Arapya , symposium coordinator

1994- Non-degree show , oil paintings

1995- Degree show, Reading University, video and photo installation

1995- "The Flint and Steel"-Happening organised by Art pedagogue

 team, together with teachers and students from Sofia

 University and children from different schools in Sofia,

 coordinator and organiser

1996- Photo performance , Bankya

1997- Debut exhibition"New Names" , Museum of Modern Art , Sofia, Shipka 6

1997- Photo - exhibition at Jazz Club" St. George", Sofia

1997- participation at art-plainer Trojan , Life-Art performance

1998- Vision- slide projection at the concert of "Band of Mad Women",Sofia

1999- Vision , slide projection , photo-billboards (2x3m) and

projection of computer generated images
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1999- Vision at The "Comix Club", Varna

1999- One woman show at the "XXL" Gallery , Sofia , Photographs

and oil paintings
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2001- Exhibition- oil paintings at Sheraton Hotel, Sofia
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2002- Solo-exhibition, London, UK, “Gallery Sophia”, oil paintings and photography
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1995- teaching Art in private school "Meridian 22"

1995- assistant in factulty of Pedagogue in Art at Sofia

 University - unconventional arts.

1997- photographer in life style magazine "Egoist"

1998- photographer and a styilist "Rollman"-fashion show,spring-summer1998

2001- Computer graphics at “Pixel works”- New Image, Sofia

2002- English teacher at “Britannica”

2003- Stylist, magazine”Beauty”